Business and Executive Coaching

Businesses need managers who:

If managers need training or support to meet these critical business needs, employers increasingly are turning to business or executive coaching.  A coach provides either remedial assistance to improve on skill sets that are deficient, or developmental assistance to maximize strengths and outcomes. MKS coaches work initially with both the manager and the individual to define mutually agreeable outcomes.  An assessment is conducted through interviews and formalized tools including the Bar-On EQ-i Emotional Intelligence Inventory and/or Strengths finder.   Following the assessment, a coaching contract is developed in collaboration with the manager and the individual.

Consultation and interventions are customized to identify areas for improvement or development and build on existing strengths in order to maximize performance.  The coaching process itself involves listening, asking questions, giving advice, providing input, and supporting progress toward measurable goals.  Throughout the process there is a focus on building structures which support change, sustain outcomes, and anticipate future challenges.